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A cannabis edible is also known as a product infused with cannabis or marijuana weed or simply an edible. It is a food product that contains cannabinoids.
Brownies are among the most common food products infused with marijuana, however, almost any food product may be infused with marijuana and eaten.

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Edibles take longer than smoking or vaping cannabis to kick in. The world of marijuana edibles is full of near-limitless possibilities.

If you can imagine it, someone has probably made a cannabis edible version of it.

Marijuana edibles are any orally consumed product that contains cannabis, specifically THC, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is a chemical compound in cannabis that’s associated with producing a “high.” It also can affect memory, thinking and time perception.
An edible product also may contain CBD, short for cannabidiol, which is another chemical compound in the cannabis plant that’s known for its relaxing qualities.
We also find out that some people also have an issue with marijuana product but this due to allergic terms only, otherwise all products are completely safe to use

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