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Elixinol Pure CBD

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This pure CBD tincture from Elixinol is an innovative solution to hemp oil’s naturally sticky and dense form. The absorption rate of traditional hemp oil can be slow, resulting in higher doses being required to feel the effects of CBD. The liposomes used in this Elixinol CBD tincture act as an efficient delivery method since they’re quickly absorbed through a cell wall. Whether you apply this tincture topically or ingest it orally, you can be sure to enjoy an enhanced CBD experience.


The Elixinol pure CBD tincture is available in two strengths: 100 mg or 300 mg. The 100 mg strength equates to 1.5 mg of CBD oil per serving while the stronger 300 mg version provides 5 mg per serving. Both options are packaged in a 1 oz container and will provide approximately 60 servings.

Elixinol Pure CBD .Elixinol is a main producer of the most excellent hemp oil extricates. Visit our website to discover more and shop online for hemp and CBD oil items.

That is an incredible inquiry — and one numerous individuals are asking nowadays. Most importantly, CBD is the abbreviation utilized for cannabidiol, a compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant (maryjane or hemp). Cannabidiol is the piece of cannabis liable for unwinding and tension decrease. CBD has additionally been affirmed by the FDA to treat uncommon types of epilepsy. It’s non-psychoactive — in contrast to THC — which means it won’t get you high or stoned. Hemp is a sort of cannabis developed explicitly with a more elevated level of CBD and extremely low degree of THC.

Cannabinoids Explained

Cannabinoids are normally happening synthetic concoctions found in the cannabis plant. You may have known about CBD and THC. While they are the frequently the most notable, they are only two sorts of more than 100 different cannabinoids that exist in the cannabis plant.Elixinol Pure CBD.


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