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Fake Dank Vapes Step 1: Old or new packaging, look for the hologram

The first thing to differentiate between fake a real Dank Vapes is old or new. Many companies selling fake Dank Vapes carts are still selling the old packaging. If you come across old packaging it probably is a fake. Look for a holographic lettering on the box that shines. If it is not holographic, it is probably fake.


Buy Dank carts -marijuana for sale 

Buy Dank carts -marijuana for sale If your dank vape oil does no look like this then there are  high chances that its fake . You may find out that oil inside your cart is thin and moves inside the cart freely .Th thin oil is a result of other products mixed with the oil . These can be products like propylene glycol found in e-liquids. These product has been tested and are directly from manufacturer head quarters CALIFORNIA ..

Most believe that the original Dank Vapes carts were sold by a company DankWoods — known for their luscious (and also illegal) pre-rolled blunts. You can check out their http://dankwoods.com email address,


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